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Cable Engineering Services designs, manufactures, and repairs high-quality clutch cables and other control cables for automotive, marine, and heavy equipment use. 
 Our wide range of cables has a wide range of uses, from automotive throttle and gear selector cables to steering cables for boats or jet skis. 
Our team understands the frustration of getting the correct cable when you need it most. That's why our employees can produce any cable for any vehicle or machine on the same day.

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What is the Clutch Cable all about?

The clutch cable provides a connection between the clutch and other parts of the transmission, allowing the cable to transfer power from the engine to the transmission. Every time you step on the clutch, momentarily pause the transmission while shifting into the correct gear. You change gears when going from a stationary state to a moving state or when going down the road. The clutch cable allows you to step on the clutch and make this transition seamless.

The clutch cable consists of a steel wire core that slides in an outer sheath.It works under the high pressure you put on the clutch pedal and is prone to wear out.

Keep in mind:

How it's done:

Our recommendation:

While your clutch cable should last at least two years, have it checked by our expert mechanics when you schedule routine maintenance on your car. Because clutch cables are very elastic and wear out over time, without maintenance, your car's clutch cable can suddenly snap, leading to expensive repairs.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Clutch Cable?

How important is this service?

If your car's clutch cable isn't working optimally, the clutch can slip. If you accelerate while driving and release the clutch pedal, the engine speed will increase, but the speed of your car will not increase proportionally. If this takes too long you risk damaging the entire clutch kit. It is advisable to keep the clutch cable in good working order.

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