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Cable Engineering Services designs, manufactures, and repairs a high-quality clutch cable & other control cables for automotive, marine and heavy machinery use.

Our wide range of Clutch cables can be used for multiple applications, from motor vehicle throttle and gear selector cables to steering cables for boats or jet skis.

At Cable Engineering Services, we understand the frustration of getting the right cable or Clutch Cable Repairs when you need it most.
This is why our staff can manufacture any cable for any vehicle or machine on the same day.

Why Choose Cable Engineering Services?
At the end of the day when looking at clutch cable repairs you want someone with the expertise and development skills 
to take care of your vehicle. That is Why at Cable Engineerig Services, we produce the best quality clutch cables for your repairing needs. No cable leaves our factory without meeting the proper high quality standards we are known for.

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How clutch cable repairs is done:

Keep in mind:

Our recommendation before needing clutch cable repairs:

While your clutch cable should last you for at least two years, have our expert mechanics check it every time you have your car scheduled for routine maintenance. Because clutch cables are quite elastic and wear out gradually, without maintenance the clutch cable in your car may suddenly snap and result in costly clutch cable repairs.

Common signs your clutch cable reprairs are needed:

How important is this service?

If the clutch cable of your car is not functioning optimally, the clutch can slip. When you’re accelerating while driving, having released the clutch pedal, the revolutions of the engine will go higher, but the speed of your car will not increase in proportion. If this continues for too long, you could risk damage to the complete clutch kit. Clutch cable repairs is importrant to keep your clutch in good working order.

What are Clutch Cables all about?

The clutch cable forms a connection between the clutch and other parts of the gearbox, whereby the cable transfers the engine’s power to the gearbox. Each time you press the clutch, it interrupts the transmission briefly while you select the right gear. You change the gear when moving from a stationary to mobile state, or when driving along the road. The clutch cable allows you to press the clutch and make that transition smoothly.

The clutch cable is made of a steel-wire core sliding encased within an outer shell. It works under the high pressure that you exert on the clutch pedal and is susceptible to wearing out and breaking.